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Here you will be able to access group projects that you are involved in, or request access to a new project. This service is hosted by "the CAT", our website is CAT Home Page. if you have questions about projects, redmine, or git/svn, you can visit our office in FAB 82-01.

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Latest news

PSU ETM Wiki: PSU ETM Wiki Rolled out at ETM New Stdent Orientation
The new students got introduced to the ETM Wiki
Added by tshott over 2 years ago

PSU ETM Wiki: The ETM Wiki is launched!
The start of the ETM Wiki for unoffical information about ETM.
Added by tshott over 2 years ago

super8: Our prototype
Our prototype is done
Added by Anonymous over 3 years ago

super8: Check Microsoft project schedule
Check the Microsoft project schedule for completeness.
Added by Anonymous over 3 years ago

Power Team: Team Accounting Sheet added.
Added by Anonymous over 3 years ago

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Latest projects

  • NUC Challenge Support (02/16/2015 03:17 PM)

    Notes and information about the Intel NUCs.

  • ECE 312 Lab (12/18/2014 02:20 PM)

    ECE 312 Lab Resource

  • T16 - Dynamo hub powered LED lighting system (10/12/2014 05:30 PM) Group members:
    • Robert Flory
    • Trevor Conant
    • Aziz Almesned
    • Omar Saadoun


    Many models of bicycle front dynamo hub are available. Commercially available lighting systems which make use of the generated power often do not meet the needs of commuter cyclists....

  • practicum-project-ece411 (10/05/2014 06:42 PM)

    The Practicum Project

  • PSU ETM Wiki (09/23/2014 09:11 AM)

    Wiki for PSU ETM (Engineering & Technology Management)

    For How To Guides, BKM (Best Know Methods) and any other interesting stuff.

    Any ETM student can have edit rights - see first page of Wiki for how to request premission....