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Communicating processes for SPMP compilation

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As noted in our discussion after class on Thursday, I am taking the task of documenting existing processes and proposing additional processes.

The first process will be communication within our team for both OMSE 555 needs and distributed team collaboration processes II tool project needs.
The second process will be communication with Stuart for OMSE 555 feedback.
The third process will be communication with customer for project deliverables.

Under the second process, Andy has asked for approval on any submission by the team to Stuart. This was accepted by the team, but Maureen mentioned that she may not have the time to cycle back to the group on every communication, therefore Maureen gave approval for submission to Stuart without her approval. Maureen would like to clarify that this deferral of approval is not intended for the midterm or final submissions articulated on the OMSE 555 course syllabus in D2L.

Maureen has asked that the group try and limit the need for Stuart's approval for smaller tasks. It appears that Stuart has okay'd Maureen's suggestion of using other teams as the project customer for the purpose of the third process. [I'll make a new task for team approval of using the D2L course site for customer requirement needs from other teams]. The term "team approval" means either an approval, an approval with modifications, or a rejection with comments from each of Ivan, Andy and Maureen. [I'll make a new task asking for the acceptance of the definition proposed by Maureen of team approval.]

It is noted that we do not have any formal processes now and deferral of necessary decisions has been occurring. Based on the understanding that communicating with customers as well a communicating with team members is a logical extension of the concepts learned in the OMSE 555 curriculum, Maureen is delivering at least one document to the team by 11:59 pm on Saturday, February 4th to be utilized in parts of the SPMP document that will address each of the three processes outlined above.

Communication_Processes.doc (20.5 KB) Communication_Processes.doc, 02/04/2012 11:37 PM
Communication_Processes_andyp.doc (33.5 KB) Communication_Processes_andyp.doc Anonymous, 02/05/2012 10:39 AM
Communication_Processes_v2.doc (29 KB) Communication_Processes_v2.doc, 02/09/2012 05:22 PM
Communication-Processes.doc (40.5 KB) Communication-Processes.doc Anonymous, 02/16/2012 08:33 AM


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Clarification on my comments re the second process - what I want to see is more collaboration within the team. Any submission to Stuart should pass thru a review cycle beforehand incorporating feedback / comments from the team. Depending on bandwidth, folks can choose to accept as-is, etc.

For contentious issues we need to decide how we will resolve - majority vote, consensus, or using an external party to tie-break.

Regarding the 3rd process - while Stuart seemed receptive to the idea of using the other project teams as the project customer, I have some reservations. I'll comment on the task when it is posted.

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I put together a word document proposal for communication processes that may be necessary going forward. Generally maps to communication and project management in OMSE curriculum.

I think I have some kind of permissioning problem with Assembla, because I uploaded all the text files, but I can't find the build process mechanism so I think I have to manually edit the xml files... If you go to assembla for the OMSE 551 class, you can see my starting points for processes we need for our project. Will work tomorrow on seeing if I can get the build to work.

The word document of a general game plan for communicating will have to suffice for now until I can get more time to hand fix the processes file

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Feedback / comments attached.

Updated the priority accordingly.

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Task - Maureen to review and incorporate Andy's feedback by Wednesday evening.

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updated w/ Andy's feedback and meeting notes

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Latest draft attached. Incorporated feedback and made formatting edits.

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  • Due date changed from 02/08/2012 to 02/16/2012

reviewed document; accept in full without changes, although I think there is a typo where it should be "a simple" rather thatn "s simple".


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Thanks Maureen - fixed typo & uploaded new version of doc (to documents section).

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Doc now published.

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