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Task #1152: Rework project proposal

Select one OMSE area of focus

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In order to re-draft the project proposal we need to pick at least 1 area from the OMSE curriculum that we plan to demonstrate particular competence in.

Please provide feedback on one OMSE area of focus or project deliverable (Requirements Elicitation, Estimation, V&V, etc.) that you think we should focus on in this project. Provide some rationale.


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The first draft of the SPMP as written by me, Maureen, maps to the OMSE curriculum of Project Management skills as well as Communication for Software Engineers. Because I think right now we are showing no understanding of any aspect of project management as far as controlling risks and adjusting to meet deliverables, I think it is important to show that we can actually scope out a project and get it planned at a basic level.

I am having a very difficult time understanding your communication concerns and the need to defer items at every meeting to some point in the future. I think rather than piecemeal issues listed as tasks, it may be worthwhile for you to broadly scope out milestones. You seem to have a very specific belief as to what this project should be and how it should move forward. I am fine with having you steer our team if we know what tasks we are permitted to start. I would suggest on a personal level, that it may be better for you to document what you believe is necessary for both this term and next as far as project scope and omse course requirements so as a team we can move forward with making concrete decisions to get our project started. You have my proposed outline of deliverables in the draft SPMP that I put together and posted. I am unsure what other areas of the SPMP or what areas of the SRS are permitted to be worked on given that I have no idea what your vision is. If there is a personal problem with myself, then please at least allow Ivan to do something other than administrative tasks. I don't have a lot of free time and I need to get this course managed so that I can put less than 30 hours per week into it.

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Indeed we still seem to be on different pages re deliverables, overall approach, etc.

Rather than risk further confusion, I'll schedule a call to discuss.

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