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Draft of Software Architecture Document (SAD)

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Needs team review and input.

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Based on Stuart's feedback I changed my itemization of process report areas to just a general process component data section. It may help to clean up your diagrams to change the wording to process component. Also, I chucked my diagram from the SRS since it seemed to confuse and mislead Andy and Stuart rather than help to define requirements. In its place I added a process definition to the appendix of the SRS which helps to define exactly what would be expected from a process report document.

Also, I didn't have a reader role in the requirements. Do you think this is a necessary role?

I think your performance timing seems very different from the SRS. I had 10 seconds for page load and 30 seconds for update; Andy thought this was too conservative, so I changed it to Andy's suggested time which I think was 5 seconds to load and 10 seconds for update.

Overall, I think it is a good starting point for the architecture document, but it feels like it veers a bit from the SPMP and SRS.


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Review comments attached.

Good first draft, but lots to talk about at our next meeting. I think we will need one more team iteration before submitting to Stuart for review.

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