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Create new database model and SQL script to generate database

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Please review new database model attached.

Additional files are under code Repository:

DataBaseScript.sql - database create script
ProcessModeling.mwb - model (opens in MySQL Workbench)
ProcessModeling.png - the same model exported to png

ProcessModeling.png (39.1 KB) ProcessModeling.png, 04/22/2012 01:29 AM
notes-on-FAST.txt (1.85 KB) notes-on-FAST.txt Notes on OMSE 551 FAST process Anonymous, 04/22/2012 09:11 AM
Users.png (122 KB) Users.png, 04/30/2012 10:44 PM


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Need to discuss in more detail how we plan to map the FAST process from OMSE 551 (see notes attached) to this structure.

Two main issues that we need to discuss and resolve:-
  • how much of the FAST process to templatize
  • how do we support cross-references entities (similar to the current process)

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After our online discussion and mapping FAST process I revamped the data model again:

re-generated database locally and created new database script:

inserted FAST template data and created insert scripts

New exported to png model in the attachment

Please notice that Andy's concern about cross-references are addressed by introducing several "Cd" fields which are will be used to generate bookmarks and anchors

#3 Updated by over 8 years ago

I added two columns to Creators table, created new View "UsersProcessCount" updated DataBaseScript.sql.

"Users" page screenshot in attachment.

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