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Electrical design/construction update

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The wiring on the robot needs help. Note: this is a top-level task that serves to give an overview.

We should modify the existing design and implmentation to accomplish several things:

1) Cleaned-up wire routing. Harnesses and terminations should be marked.
2) Accomodate an emergency stop capability that's hard-wired to the bumpers and to an e-stop button. Hitting a bumper or the e-stop button should immedately remove power from all actuators, at a hardware level. There should be no software involved. Actuator power shoulld always be in one of two states: "run" or "halt", and there should be a visual indication of the current state. The robot should power-up in the "halt" state. The "run" state is entered by hitting a "run" button.
3) All processors should be powered from a dedicated processor power bus, not from a USB cable.
4) All processors should be securely mounted (Velcro will do).
5) Accommodate a battery current/voltage monitor, with one of the microprocessors reading and reporting.


Task #2505: Electrical: Give Uno Own SupplyClosed

Feature #4340: Mount the e-stop

Feature #4341: Build and install new APD boardsResolved

Feature #4351: Re-wire the robotClosed

Feature #4706: Wire the wireless router for powerResolved

Feature #4743: Insert connectors in PD rack wiringClosed

Task #4784: Install new USB hubClosed

Task #4785: Replace battery wiring harnessClosed

Feature #5525: Wire bumpers to APD boardsNew

Task #4334: Figure out which schematics are accurateClosed

Feature #4739: Battery monitorClosed

Feature #4736: Install current sensorClosed

Feature #4738: Find out if DE2 has a free A/D input for current sensorRejected

Feature #4737: Write ROS node to read the current sensorClosed

Feature #4745: Attach PD rack to base panelClosed

Task #5640: Update schematics and wiring diagramsIn Progress


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