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Kinect People Following script: updated

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1. Created a single proper ROS script, named follow_people.launch. This script can be run from remote machine. Previous script was, which was not proper (non-ROS script).
2. Task for the future: need to consolidate and streamline Kinect people following packages (nodes), as follows. Currently, two custom packages (nodes) in catkin "src" directory are used to run People Follower: detector_markers_array_listener and kinect_nav_goal_listener. Existence of such multiple packages in catkin "src" directory, to achieve a single goal of people following, clutters the catkin "src" directory. These packages need to be placed in one single directory (package) named, for example, kinect_people_follower or such, in catkin "src" directory. It this "kinect_people_follower" directory (package), there should be "nodes" subdirectory where the two above named nodes (packages) should reside.
This will be done after people follower packages work 100% as desired. Currently, Jeeves weers a bit to the right after achieving the target (detected person).


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1. Uploaded Kinect calibration file with instructions.
2. Consolidated (streamlined) people following packages, kinect_nav_goal_listener and detector_markers_array_listener, into one people_following package (directory).
3. Deleted detector_markers_array_listener from catkin's "src" directory. Now, it is in people_following package (directory).
4. Deleted kinect_nav_goal_listener and detector_markers_array_listener from "vision" directory.
5. Updated open_ptrack_install scripts
6. Might have deleted other entries, to replace them with updated uploaded files and or packages.

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Need careful merge
- merge develop/master on top of it, or
- rebase with master

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