10-26-2012 meeting

Added by jrawson over 7 years ago

In attendance: Noah, Chris, Ashley, Joe.

Chris: Has solidworks models for the enclosure, 3 models, a cone-shaped one, a square one, and a wavy-bacon looking one. Which is awesome. Will upload images and files later. AND WILL ADD THEM TO THE REPOSITORY.

Also, programming tasks have been divided between Joe and Chris, Chris will work on sensor drivers and main program while Joe figures out SNMP and HTTP implementations for the program.

Ashley: Has all of the tasks the group is doing and will draw up the project timeline documentation we need for Wednesday. Others should download Microsoft Projects to help her look it over.

Noah: Layout like a boss.

Joe: Will research SNMP so that he knows what he's doing then will implement it, since it is a higher priority for the client, then will look into porting an existing HTTPServer implementation over to the code base and design a website for it to serve.