Added by jrawson over 7 years ago

Joe: Met with Dave Burns and worked through the snmp implementation provided by the mbed people. He thinks he has a decent idea of what he needs to implement. Hopefully, he won't forget about it. Will work on having an implementation hopefully complete by next week.

Showed the Weatherstation program for the HTTPServer.h implementation we can likely use.

Ashley: Is going to help make the webpage, will work with Noah on the layout, and will finalize the timeline stuff for the next homework this weekend.

Noah: Gonna hopefully finish the layout with Ashley. Will print off a scale representation of the board and place all of the parts to make sure the footprints match, then will develop an assembly plan so that we can bring up the board in sections to test each section as we bring it up.

Earlier this week added a schematic with annotations and comments to the wiki so people can access it and make comments. Also, we need to put our WPRs on the wiki.

Chris: Will be finishing up the Solidworks design for the enclosures this weekend and will begin work characterizing the microphone and photodiode sensor circuits for the device driver code.