11-5-12 meeting

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Chris: Showed us the two 3D-printed designs. One is a 1-1/4" tall wavy "bacon" rectangular form-factor. The other is round. The round has been vetoed due to the impossibility of the RJ45 jack protruding from the enclosure. The 1-1/4" tall wavy bacon form-factor fits the standard rack size height for mounting in the server rack. Need to get dimensions for holes for microphone, light sensor, DHT22, power jack. Grating for microphone might work.

Joe: Spent Saturday writing 300 lines of code for SNMP implementation. Not compiling yet, working on a single error (bummer!). Working on smoothing that out.

Noah: Finishing up board, getting a round of applause from class. Working on small number of errors brought up in class by Andrew.

Ashley: Got BACON webpage working in HTML, now to format to add to homepage.h file from mbed site ( Going to start creating project presentation slideshow.