11-9-2012 meeting

Added by jrawson over 7 years ago

Joe: Finally, FINALLY got the SNMP code to compile. He had to use a bullshit hack, but it works. Debugging and testing will commence this weekend, followed by HTTPServer integration and main program writing. DHT22 debugging will also have to commence. Will know more about where things will sit on Monday as far as software goes.

Noah: Putting together the level 0 and level 1 block diagrams for Wednesday. He will handle them in their entirety to free people up from those responsibilities. Someone else should do the second part of the assignment using a UML description. Reminder to go to the EPL on Monday and make the solder masks. Needs to put pressure on Andrew for getting the boards back.

Chris: Doing awesome things with Solidworks and the enclosure. Finalizing the design of the enclosure and putting the finishing touches on the enclosure. Began characterizing the devices we created and the drivers for them. Should be done by Sunday evening. Began looking into the problems with the DHT22, didn't get very far but saw the same issues Joe did.

Ashley: Wrote a webpage for the HTTPServer implementation we are going to use. Began looking at the presentation material we have to generate. Making brownies.