11-19-2012 meeting

Added by jrawson over 7 years ago

Joe: Been trying to juggle other course work and responsibilities.

  1. Finish debugging DHT22 # Finish the snmp implementation # Write the actual program and compile the final binary to be loaded into the device when we get the boards back from Sunstone on the 22nd. # Figure out how to get each microcontroller's MAC address so that we can register them on the network.

Ashley: Added slides to the project presentation we will need to present the device to Faust.

Chris: Continued working on the driver characterization we will need for the photodiode and microphone circuits. Done with the enclosure until we actually get the prototype boards.

Noah: Absent for meeting. Ensured Homework 5 was completed on time for the group. Requested that the thermoprofiles of the devices be looked up to ensure that the reflow step during assembly will go smoothly and not damage devices. Added a power mosfet for the DHT22 so that the microcontroller can effectively "reset" the DHT22. Joe or Chris will have to write the functionality into the driver for this.