11-26-2012 meeting

Added by jrawson over 7 years ago

Will be short as we are all zombies.

Joe: Has a binary that meets the PDR specification, will continue to make small improvements over the week but its essentially done.
SNMP works.
DHT22 driver re-written and works.
main program written and runs for days at a time. Will run it this week to test longevity.
Other improvements are window dressing at this point, and will have to wait.
Will use one of the development boards as the programmer for the prototypes once they are built.
This program needs to be written on Friday.

Noah: Wrote last weeks test plan documents and PDR revision.
This week will work with Chris to assemble and test one of the boards we got today in preparation for the rest of them.

Chris: Will work with Noah assembling and testing the board.

Ashley: Will help Noah and Chris.