BACON: 10-15-2012 meeting

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homework that's due
DHT22 replacement

Talked about homework, chris annotated and made a document he will upload later.
Was looking into a DHT22 replacement but decided the development time required to overcome the complexity of the device wasn't worth the $7 savings in cost, so we're sticking with the DHT22.

Joe: mostly did git crap.
Also, breadboarded out and wrote a test program to exercise the dev board. Sensors worked, ethernet didn't, need to check wiring.

Ashley: Helped debug git. AND IT WORKED!
And was searching for parts.

Chris: Did the document.

kegerator: Parts Order 10-9

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10/9 Punaj is buying 2x LCD's and 2x Temp sensors from total cost is $74.62

kegerator: Team Meeting 10-9

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-Decided on using a droid power charger instead of risking regulating the 120V down to 5/3.3V

-Richard is going to write a basic PDS and email it out tonight for editing among the team

-Discussing whether or not we would like to do RF or wired for the temperature sensor
--Wire is $10
--RF is around $20x2 for
--Unsure if the signal will reach through a fridge or not, and concerned about battery life
--Tested in fridge in student lounge, it read fine at 20feet
--Decided since the temperature sensor and the RF would only need a few pins anyway, we are going to build plugs into the board that allow both so we can expand if there is time, and if there is not we will just use the wired sensor

-Need to decide on an LCD to order and get that
This is the LCD to order
This is the temp sensor to order

We will use the MSP430 launchpad from Ti

Next meeting is Tuesday 9/16

kegerator: Team Meeting Notes 10-6

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Team Meeting Notes 10-6

Discussed ideas for the project
Filled out decision tree and decided on Kegerator Control Project
Kareem is going to finish proposal and send it to our list tonight
Decided date for next meeting 5pm on Tuesday 10/9

BACON: 10-12-2012 meeting

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  • We have 5 ethernet jacks, Joe intends to break one of them
  • Due to non-standard pin-out, breakouts needed for breadboarding
  • 3 DHT22's
  • mbed footprint or larger
  • Ideally all parts on what side
  • 4" x 2"
Discussing PDS
  • Needs to be:
    1. Abstract
    2. Verfiable
    3. Unambiguous
    4. Traceable
    5. Realistic
  • List any constraints
  • List any standards
    1. Ethernet
    2. Safety
    3. Protocol
    4. Testing
    5. Reliability
    6. Communication
    7. Programming languages
    8. Connector standards
  • Levels of standards used
    1. User level
    2. Implementation level
    3. Development level

BMB's - Presentation

BACON: 10-8-2012 meeting

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Next homework: Project design specification. He probably needs to go over this in class.

About the motion sensor...

  • We are NOT doing a motion sensor.
    Reasons include:
  1. Raises the cost by at least $10. # Increases the development time due to NTP considerations.

Joe: Talked about software and moar git.

"It has come to my attention that git is hard. For people who use a bash command line, put this in your .bashrc or .bash_profile"


function start_agent {
    echo "Initializing new agent..." 
    /usr/bin/ssh-agent | sed 's/^echo/#echo/' > "${SSH_ENV}" 
    echo succeeded
    chmod 600 "${SSH_ENV}" 
    . "${SSH_ENV}" > /dev/null;

# Source ssh settings if applicable

if [ -f "${SSH_ENV}" ]; then
    . "${SSH_ENV}" > /dev/null
    #ps ${SSH_AGENT_PID} doesn't work under cygwin
    ps -ef | grep ${SSH_AGENT_PID} |grep ssh-agent$ > /dev/null || { start_agent; }

Noah: Talked about schematics.

  • Showed off his spiffy cool microphone circuit. Joe's going to have to figure out how to do math with mbed. * Schematic should be done this weekend or a little after. * Joe will get Noah an RJ45 jack as soon as they come in.

Ashley: Working with Noah on pcb and schematics.

Chris: Going to work with Joe on software and using git and, also on the enclosure.

BACON: Design Update (1 comment)

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Designed and tested analog circuitry for the electret microphone to be used on the final board. This circuit will take the microphone as an input and provide 2 discrete outputs, and an optional third.

  • Ground referenced rectified DC signal representing the ambient sound level. This signal is hooked up to the MCU's ADC.
  • Ground referenced amplified AC signal representing the actual sound in the room. This signal will be attached to expansion headers for a future A/V shield.
  • (optional) Vcc/2 referenced amplified AC signal to provide to additional ADC. This output will already be freely available, so it makes sense to just hook it up now with one extra resistor and a trace.

Handwritten schematic with brief analysis will be in Documents by the end of the day, we can go over in detail at Monday meeting.

BACON: 10-5-2012 meeting

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Joe: Get everyone on board about git and ssh-keys. Figure out what's up with puttygen for Ashley. Pay Chris and get parts for breadboarding.

  • Talked about projects.cecs and how we need to use it. * Joe ordered 5 Molex 85793-1013 ethernet jacks, 3-day shipping UPS ground.

Noah: Talk about what's needed for PCB design.

  1. Figure out what all the supporting parts for the design will be. # Learn the ins-and-outs of eagle. ## pro-tip: eagle will spit out a partslist. ## when we do that, we can start laying out the schematic. ## Remember: design for test. ## Think about just wiring up the extra pins to a molex header. # Then verification. # Then layout. # Need to figure out how to actually assemble the thing.

Ashley: Work with Joe to get git working.

  • Covering out asses with regard to producibles.

Chris: Bring parts, get paid -> PROFIT!!!!

  • He got paid. * Noah wants to borrow Chris's mbed.

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