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If you are traveling and PSU, ETM or your adviser are going to pay for part of the travel you should be aware there are some basic travel rules.

  1. Before traveling, get a travel authorization form signed. Although a travel authorization form is only required if your travel is paid for by PSU or a grant, it is still a good idea. When you fill out a travel a travel authorization form your estimating what your trip will cost and your supervisor is agreeing to pay for it. So this way neither on of you is surprised. You adviser can not later say - "Oh, that's more then I thought it would be." To minimize the chance of misunderstandings - always fill out a travel authorization form.
  2. PSU prefers and it is less money out of your pocket if ETM pays for the conference registration using the ETM department credit card. First, you must have the travel authorization form filled out and signed. The easiest way is to go into the ETM office when Shawn has some free time. Using one of the PC's in the ETM office go to the conference on-line registration web site. Sign up for the conference and when you get to the check-out part, Shawn can come over to the PC and use the ETM department Credit Card to pay for it.

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PSU Travel forms & policies: