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ETM Academic

  • Working Closely with your Faculty Advisors
    • Everyone of the student will be assigned to a faculty advisor before you first came here. You should make contact with your faculty advisor before and after you reached the department.
    • Your faculty advisor is responsible for your registration issues, course findings, study planning and progress tracking.
    • Your faculty advisor is not necessary to be your academic advisor for your final projects or your dissertation. You can choose any professor in the department as your academic advisor as your own research interests matching with theirs.
    • You would need to schedule an advising meeting with your faculty advisor at least once a quarter, especially before the quarter officially begins. There would be a file for each student with the classes you should take, how your scores are, your progresses on the courses and how many credits you are still needed to do before your final project. You would need to report your progresses from the previous quarter to your faculty advisor and discuss the courses you should take for the coming quarter. You will also see a clear path of the plans for all the quarters along the way from that form, so that you would know how your studies would look like.
    • You would also require a copy of this advising form from your advisor after each advising meeting, so that you can track your own progress.
    • You can also make appointments for advising meetings anytime during the quarter with your faculty advisor whenever you need any advising or helps. All of our professors and faculties are willing to help you out as much as we could. Feel free to talk with us.
  • Finishing your Masters (Requirements & Strategy)
  • Finishing your PhDs (Requirements & Strategy)
  • ETM Classes
  • Banweb
    • Personal Information
    • Courses Registration
    • Online Payment
    • Financial Services
    • On-campus Employees
  • D2L
    • Desire2Learn (D2L) is Portland State University's online learning management system (LMS). In ETM Department, many of our professors would like to use D2L as an online managing tool for their courses. Through D2L, they could uploading course contents, sharing related resources, reviewing homework assignments, doing online discussions if needed, and scoring or giving comments on your progresses.
    • You would be able to access D2L using your personal computer or lab computers on the PSU campus. Once your computer is meeting the minimum hardware requirement for D2L, you could begin your journey with D2L and enjoy your courses along with the lectures.
    • Once you have determined that your computer meets the minimum specifications, you can access D2L by following these steps:
      1. Go to d2l page in your internet browser, or go to PSU Home Page, click on "myPSU", then click on "D2L" in your internet browser;
      2. Sign in with your Odin account;
      3. If you don't remember your passowrd, go to Restting Your Odin Password for instructions on how to rest it.
    • For more information on D2L, please feel free to visit the PSU Online Class Support or asking for assistant from OIT (Office of Internet and Technology) or other people who have experiences with D2L.
  • Cheaper Textbooks
    • In America, textbooks were designed for a life-use time usage. Most of them are hardcovers and very expensive, which could be a huge cost for students.
    • Library loans or inter-library loans: You can basically search the textbooks on PSU library page, and ask for the book from the library. The good thing of library loan is that you could use the textbook for free for the whole quarter. The downsides are: it would not be really working well for a huge number of request; and you need to return it back after the quarter and you could not keep it for the future references.
    • Textbook rental: You can either do that online (for example, Amazon), or do it from our bookstore. You would just need to spend less money for using it through the quarter, and it could would well for the large amount of request. But you also need to return the book after your usage. If there would be any problems that may affect the future rental, you may need to pay some extra charges or buy it.
    • Online Shopping: For most of the time, you can find good deals for textbooks online, such as Amazon or Ebay. Just searching the ISBN of your textbook in the searching area is the most accurate way to find the right copy. On Amazon, you could directly pay the bills with your debit or credit card; they also have good shipping services and return policies. If you have a Paypal account, you can choose Ebay, but be careful with their shipping time and return policies.
    • Price Comparing Discounts: Our bookstore also could offer another discount if you can find the textbooks online with a lower price than their prices. You can just print out the webpage of the price you found and show it to the bookstore. They would offer another extra 10% discount basis on your print-out prices.
    • E-books: Also feel free to use a soft-copy of textbooks if it is available on PSU Library, Amazon, or from the instructor.
  • Major Analytic Tools in ETM (To be added)
    • HDM (Hierarchical Decision Model)
    • DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis)
    • FCM (Fuzzy Cognitive Maps)
    • Technology Forecasting Road-mapping
  • Research Group Meetings
  • Team-working with projects
  • Personal Projects
  • Library Resources
  • Book a Meeting Room
  • Basic Computer Stuff
    • MCECS Accounts
    • Printing Credits ( & where to print
    • Frequently used Computer Labs (Library, Intel Lab, and Broadway Building, etc.)
    • Install Software from
    • Google Apps (Gmail, Calender, Site, Google+, Hungout, Groups, Sites, etc.) (
    • Dropbox
    • Literature searching skills
    • Using bibliographic manager
    • Engineering Project Site
    • PSU Project and Paper Database
    • ETM Facebook and LinkedIn
    • Some Frequently visited resource websites
    • How to get free Windows8 license
    • Setting up a VPN for access
  • Presentation and Writing
    • Presentation Skills
    • Writing Skills
    • Writing Center
  • Publish a paper
    • Conference Paper
    • Journal Paper
    • Book Chapters
  • Participate a conference
  • Networking in ETM

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