Unprioritized List of Things We Could Add

Wiki Organization

Major Organization - sections for: Basic ETM & PSU Info, ETM Academic Info (MS & PhD), Portland Area Info

Basic Info

Under Basic Info - stuff that would be useful to any engineering grad student - not just ETM
  • General guides to doing group projects
  • Presentation skills
  • Writing skills, writing center, writing better
  • Library usage, research skills, effective usage
    • Literature searching skills
  • Campus Parking Optons
  • How to book / get access to meeting rooms
    • Links to ETM Calendar
    • Link to SDL & Other meeting rooms
  • List Vocabulary for non-English Speakers
    • FAB
    • AKA

ETM Guide

ETM Guide
  • General strategy for getting masters * Class order, making use of group projects, what do you want to do when getting done, getting published
  • List classes inside and outside ETM with some "suggested" on order to take them in, how much work they are, skills needed
  • Taking classes outside ETM? The Good & The Bad
  • Research groups
  • General strategy for getting PhD
  • Networking in ETM

Portland & Oregon Info

Portland Info
  • Finding a place to live - options / prices / pros / cons
  • Find a roommate
  • Cheap food on campus
  • Where to shop
    • Groceries
    • Fresh food
    • Best Asian groceries
    • Best Indian groceries
  • Things to Do
    • In Portland
    • When it's raining in Portland
    • Outdoors in Portland Area
    • Where to take the family when they visit

Pei's Suggestions

  • Working Closely with your Faculty Advisors
    • Everyone of the student will be assigned to a faculty advisor before you first came here. You should make contact with your faculty advisor before and after you reached the department.
    • Your faculty advisor is responsible for your registration issues, course findings, study planning and progress tracking.
    • Your faculty advisor is not necessary to be your academic advisor for your final projects or your dissertation. You can choose any professor in the department as your academic advisor as your own research interests matching with theirs.
    • You would need to schedule an advising meeting with your faculty advisor at least once a quarter, especially before the quarter officially begins. There would be a file for each student with the classes you should take, how your scores are, your progresses on the courses and how many credits you are still needed to do before your final project. You would need to report your progresses from the previous quarter to your faculty advisor and discuss the courses you should take for the coming quarter. You will also see a clear path of the plans for all the quarters along the way from that form, so that you would know how your studies would look like.
    • You would also require a copy of this advising form from your advisor after each advising meeting, so that you can track your own progress.
    • You can also make appointments for advising meetings anytime during the quarter with your faculty advisor whenever you need any advising or helps. All of our professors and faculties are willing to help you out as much as we could. Feel free to talk with us.
  • The structure of our classes in order to finish the degree, as Main Courses, Theoretical Courses, Methodology Courses, and a Project, etc.
  • What the major analytical methodologies will be used in our research and classes, how to build up your tool boxes along the way
  • Major research groups, the PhD Forum and paper workshops
  • How to book the meeting rooms
  • How to make efficiency usage of the library, along with some online resources
  • ETM Potluck and other social activities

Tom's Ideas

  • Add pages for students with their research interests & skills so know who to ask for help?
  • Info on where to find places to rent to live
  • Ten things to do in Portland on a weekend
  • What the most common methodologies used for dissertations and what class are they taught in
  • Checklist for new students
  • The research groups, with pointers to their web site, what they do, areas of interest
  • Planning for your masters
  • Planning for your PhD
  • Finding on campus jobs
  • Finding a summer job
  • How to I get better at presenting & do I need to?
  • A plan for getting your first conference paper published
  • Academic Writing
  • Taking classes from other departments
  • How to write and get a grant

Other Ideas

  • Parking - 24 hour and for student

Speaking of parking, the underground ramp is expensive but the controlled access is very nice since it means that you aren't competing with thousands of undergraduates desperate to get to class. Circling parking ramps looking for a spot during the day is a long time PSU tradition. You can park hourly in the parking ramp. If you are there after closing time, they will leave an envelope on your folder and you can pay on-line. While pricey, you can stay dry by parking in this ramp during the rainy winter.

  • Cellphone service in the FAB
  • After hour access to the building (FAB) - perhaps this goes with the badge discussion.
  • Perhaps make a point of which places are open late at night for food or drink.
  • A little "anonymized" explanation of the leading contributors:
    • A senior PhD student for a view from over the years
    • An experienced local high tech veteran doing the graduate program
    • A relatively new PhD student giving the perspective of someone new
  • more info on transportation…maybe links to trimet and psu transportation web page…
  • link to picmet website
  • books and textbooks…how do I know which textbooks are required for each course?
  • how to use the library
  • perhaps a tool for students to post and update research progress so that every etm student could benefit from each other`s work…..sometimes you have an idea just by knowing what your colleague is thinking / doing.
  • info on financial aid - how to become a TA/RA?What are the pros and cons of being a TA/RA?

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