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ETM Getting Started or !0 Things I wished I'd Known

Some very basic stuff that might be helpful:

1. There are two different PSU Computer Systems?

PSU has two totally seperate computer systems:

  • *OIT* - Standard Computer Systems (AKA ODIN)
    • They manage the computers in the library, the Broadway Lab, and all the other computer labs outside the engineering buildings.
    • Classrooms PC's outside engineering building
    • The account for accessing registration, library accounts, etc
    • The account for WiFi - in all buildings
    • Help Desk OIT help desk in the basement of Smith Hall. You can also get limited assistance after hours at the desk in the Broadway Lab.
  • *MCECS* - Engineering Computer Systems (AKA The Cat)
    • These are the computers in labs in the engineering building
    • Many classrooms in the engineering buildings have an OIT & MCECS PC built into classroom
    • Help Desk The Cat help desk in the basement of engineering building (FAB 82-01)

The two accounts are completely separate, and have different passwords.

BKM The OIT systems require you to change your password every 90 days - it's simplest to change both your passwords for OIT & MCECS the same day to keep them the same so you don't need to remember two passwords.
  • OIT password change link
  • MCECS password change link

So other then having to remember two passwords, and the files not being shared between the systems - is there ANY advantage to this setup? Only one - you get a 500 page print quota on each system - so if you run out on the engineering systems you can go to a OIT system to print.

2. Where are the Best Computer Labs?

There are two major MCECS labs in the engineering buildings.

  • *Intel Lab* (across from the ETM Office) has both Windows & Linux computers. THe first row of computers to the right are Linux, the second row, third row and far wall are Windows7.
  • *EB325 Lab* (3rd floor Engineering building) has only Windows7 systems - but they are a bit newer then Intel lab and the lab gets some daylight.

All of the MCECS labs require your badge be coded for access. If you visit the Cat help desk they'll code your badge for access if your currently registered for a engineering class.

The labs are open 24x7, as long as you have badge access to the Engineering Buildings.

There are a few major OIT labs:

  • *Broadway Lab* is open 24x7. It has Windows and Mac computers. To access the lab after hours use your badge to access the door on the East side of the Broadway building (next to Starbucks). Part of the Broadway Lab is the Grad Student only IDSC lab. It has the fastest PC's and largest monitors of any of the labs on campus. They check PSU ID's to confirm your registered for a graduate class before your allowed to use the lab. They have large format printers for printing posters and banners. Prices start at $0.50 / inch.

3. How do I get Badge Access?

4. How do I get one more credit?

Internatioanl students needing 9 credits to be a fulltime student or students needing 5 credits to qualify for health insurances often find themselves needing just one more credit after they register for 4 credit ETM classes. The solution? ETM seminar! ETM Seminar is a one credit class offered every quarter. It's a pass-fail class and the only requirment is you show up and stay awake for the 4 or 5 times it's offered each quarter. It's usually doesn't meet the first week of the quarter, the first seminar is usually the seond week of the quarter.

Register for ETM 507 and check the schedule to see when seminar meets.

Noe that becuase it's pass-fail it doesn't count towards credits needed for graduation.

Must register within first week online

5. Where is my class?

Check or forward email


6. Is any part of the bus system ths is free?

The Portland Streetcar is free for PSU students with a Portland State ID. It passes right by the end of the ETM building. It's a easy but sometimes slow way to get down to south waterfront or up to the Pearl district.

The MAX (light rail) is NOT free, and there are fare inspectors that will check and fine you if you don't have a valid ticket. These are the trains running on 5th and 6th Ave.

7. What is PICMET?

No, PICMET is not an ETM religion, altough you'll hear about it so often you'll wonder if their trying to convert you. "Portland International Confrence on Managment of Engineering and Technology"

PICMET is one of the top Engineering Managment confrences and was started by the Portland State Engineering and Technology Managment department in 1991. From a small one time confrence, it's grown to one of the top international technology managment confrences in the world.

Many ETM facality and students are involved in running PICMET.

It takes place the last week of July every summer. It alternates between taking place in Portland one year and a international location the next. In the summer of 2015 it will take place once again in Portland.

Dr. Weber and Dr. Jetter are past recepients of the PICMET Best Student paper award for papers submitted while they were students.

8. Where can I store stuff?

If you need a secure place to stash your extra books, laptop, lunch or sleeping bag long-term on campus - one option is to rent a locker in the engineering buulding. There are lockers in three areas on the basement floor of the engineering building where ETM is located. Current students are welcome to rent lockers to store items for $12.50 per term. Register online at the Maseeh College Self Service Portal. A MCECS username and password are required to access site

An option for short-term storage are the free day use lockers in the rec center. Once you've shown your PSU ID at the desk to enter through the 2nd floor entrance to the gym, the lockers straight ahead on the right side. They are only good for day use - you need to retrive your stuff before the gym closes.

The least afordable option is to use your car as a storage locker in the basement parking garage of the engineering build, below the ETM department. Parking in the FAB (Forth Avenue Building) garage is the most expensive parking on campus at $376 / term and requires you to be registered for at least 6 credits. These spaces typically sell out within a day of going on sale about a month before the term starts.

9. How do I save money on textbooks?

There are a number of ways to save money on textboooks. Some of of them require shopping for your textbooks a few weeks before class starts.

Shop Online

Amazon and the local indepedent Powell's bookstore often have new books cheaper, used books or books to rent instead of buying the textbook. It may take a week to have it delivered - so you need to plan ahead.

Borrow from Summit / Interlibrary Loan

It's sometimes possible to borrow the textbook from PSU's library, or get it through SUmmit (regional libary system) or Interlibary Loan. It will take a week to two weeks to get the book in.

The maximum loan period for Summit is six weeks and for interlibary loan is between four weeks and eight weeks. The PSU library does have three great book scanners that you can use to scan a book into a searchable PDF.

Use an ebook

Some textboks are available for purchase or rent as an ebook - sometimes far cheaper then a tradational hardcopy. In some cases the ebook version can be borrowed from the PSU library indefinetly.

PSU Bookstore Price Matches

If you bring in an ad showing the textbook for a lower price somewhere else, the PSU Bookstore will match that price.

You need to bring in an ad or online listing for a new copy of the same edition of the textbook. One textbook for an ETM class was $200 at the PSU bookstore; a student brought in an ad showing it was $79 on Amazon, so the bookstore matched the price. The student did need to wait while they found a bookstore manager to OK the markdown.


No Idea

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