Project Management

This page uses explains the basic of setting up and running a project.

It assumes your using Redmine as your project repository and Git. See the directions for installing Git.

  1. Have all the team members login to the Redmine Server (
    • Although everybody gets a MCECS project account, the account is only CREATED after you login the first time. So everybody needs to login to the Redmine server before they can be added to a project.
  2. Collect all the team member's MCECS UserID's
  3. Project Manager Creates the Project
    • See the directions on the Revision Control Page
  4. Add the users to the project
    1. Go to the Redmine Project -> Settings -> Members Tab
    2. On the right hand side select each team member, click the "Developer" role, click "Add"
  5. Go to your computer and follow the Revision Control directions for getting a copy of the project