Revision Control - Create New Project

New projects need to be setup in Redmine. This creates a project and initializes the repository.

If you have code, you still need to create a new project in Redmine, create an empty repository, clone the repository in a empty directory on your computer and then copy the existing files into the new project.

If you have an existing local repository and you want to connect to a new Redmine remote repository ask MCECS support for help. Then please document the steps here.

By default, a new project created through the web interface has the name userID-Project_Name. If you want a Redmine project named something else email support and have MCECS support create the project. It is very hard for them to rename a project and they would rather you send a support request to have it created correctly.

Via Web Interface

  1. Go to the MCECS Intranet Projects Page
  2. Click "Add Project"
  3. Fill in the form
    • Project name must be letters and numbers only
    • Select Git repository
  4. Click "Create Project"

In awhile your will receive a email saying the project has been setup.

Next follow the revision control directions to clone your project.