Revision Control - Get a Copy of Project

The first step for working on a project is to get a local copy of the master. This is a good starting point for looking over the project and reading the code.

Development is not done on the master, it is done on a working version, branch, and when complete the changes are added back into the master.

The project directory must not exist on your computer. This will create a new directory and copy the project into a sub-directory.

1. Get Project Git Repository URL

  • Have the Project Manager add you to the project.
  • Copy project repository URL.

2. Clone Project

Now either in RStudio or from command line create a copy of the project

Using RStudio

  1. Go to File->New Project...
  2. Select Version Control
  3. Select Git
  4. Fill in the Git Clone fields:
    • Repository: project-URL
  5. Click "Create"

Using github tool

You can not clone the project using the github tool..

Using Command Line

Go to the directory where you want the project directory to be created. The following command will create a new sub-directory and download the code into it.

% git clone project-URL

Compatibility Notes

  • Linux
    • On MCECS Linux boxes the HTTPS access to Git does not work from command line or RStudio. Using the SSH access works in RStudio or command line.