Revision Control - Update Master

WARNING Make sure all your changes are committed on working branch before continuing. Also it's simplest to merge the master changes into your working version before continuing.

After your code is complete, all of the tests pass and your project team is OK with updating the master version of the project you need to merge your changes into the master.

Using Command Line

  1. Check your local working copy and make sure all the changes have been committed
    % git status -v
  2. Switch to master branch
    % git checkout master
  3. Update your local copy of the master code from the server
    % git pull
  4. Merge the changes from your branch into master
    % git merge userID-working
    • If there are no conflicts the code will be merged and the new merged version committed.
    • If there are conflicts see the section on merging master changes into your working copy on how resolve them.
  5. Push the updated master up to the server
    % git pull
  6. Switch back to your working version
    % git checkout userID-working