Software Git

If your writing more then a few files of code, or if your working with other team members on a project you should be using revision control software to save and share your software.

In ETM we've standardized on using Git.

Git Basics

Git is a distributed revision control system for software (and can also be used to save and shared word doccuments, powerpoint, etc).

You edit your files as you normally would on your computer. When you get to a point where you've made some progress you save your changes ("_commit_") to a local repository (a hiddent set of files). All of your incremental changes are saved so you can go back to any previous version you saved.

When your ready to share your software with your team members, you save the changes to

Installing Git

  • Download Git from here

Configuring on a Mac

Lab Computers

  • OIT's systems do not have Git installed
  • Git is installed on the MCECS lab systems
    • Some also have a Git GUI installed