ETM Software Overview

Statistics and Analysis

The most common language used in ETM is R, an open source statistics language.

To use R, we recommend using R and the RStudio IDE

Installing, Configuring, Resources Software_R

Projects & Revision Control

If your writing more then a few files of code, or if your working with other team members on a project you should be using revision control software to save and share your software.

Installing Revision Control Software

In ETM we have standardized on using Git.

For information on installing, configuring and resources for git: Software_Git

Using Revision Control

To setup and share software you need two things, revision control software on your computer and a server based
repository to store and share the software.

In ETM we have standardized on:
  • Git - as the standard revision control software
  • Redmine - as the MCECS managed project repository


Running a Project

It's useful to start a software project for a individual project that you plan to use for a long time and want to keep copies of, or when more then one person is working on the project. A software project is the best way to share programs with other people.


Future Software Topics to Add