Software - R

The most common language used in ETM is R, a open source statistics language.

To use R, we recommend using R and the RStudio IDE

If your going to be using R for a individual project, you only need R & RStudio. If your working with other team members, you should install the R software, then install Git and setup a project.


Installing R

  • Download R from here
  • Install it on your system

The rest of the configuration can be done from within RStudio.

Installing RStudio

  • Download RStudio from here
  • Install on your system

Lab Computers

  • R & RStudio are installed on the MCECS lab systems.
  • R is installed on most of the OIT systems but RStudio is not.


Two good introductory books are: An advanced R book, for people who are doing serious software development is:

R is taught as part of the Research Methods class.


  • Tom Shott, developed open source TFDEA package in R and is using it for doing Big Data analysis of BPA data
  • Kevin van Blommestein, developed the Shiny GUI front-end for TFDEA and the FCM software
  • Dong-Joon Lim, using R for technology forecasting