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Software To Add

  • Project Management using Git Hub
  • Code Reviews
  • Agile Software Management
  • Aspects successful open source software

temp software

  • Using bibliographic manager
  • Basic D2L operation
  • Basic computer stuff
    • Banweb (Course Registration, Online Payment, Personal Information Updating, On-campus Employee Servives, etc.) (
    • MCECS Accounts
    • Printing Credits ( & where to print
    • Frequently used Computer Labs (Library, Intel Lab, and Broadway Building, etc.)
    • Install Software from
    • Google Apps (Gmail, Calender, Site, Google+, Hungout, Groups, Sites, etc.) (
    • Dropbox
    • Engineering Project Site
    • PSU Project and Paper Database
    • ETM Facebook and LinkedIn
    • Some Frequently visited resource websites
    • How to get free Windows8 license
    • Setting up a VPN for access
  • D2L
    • Desire2Learn (D2L) is Portland State University's online learning management system (LMS). In ETM Department, many of our professors would like to use D2L as an online managing tool for their courses. Through D2L, they could uploading course contents, sharing related resources, reviewing homework assignments, doing online discussions if needed, and scoring or giving comments on your progresses.
    • You would be able to access D2L using your personal computer or lab computers on the PSU campus. Once your computer is meeting the minimum hardware requirement for D2L, you could begin your journey with D2L and enjoy your courses along with the lectures.
    • Once you have determined that your computer meets the minimum specifications, you can access D2L by following these steps:
      1. Go to in your internet browser, or go to, click on "myPSU", then click on "D2L" in your internet browser;
      2. Sign in with your Odin account;
      3. If you don't remember your passowrd, go to Restting Your Odin Password for instructions on how to rest it. (
    • For more information on D2L, please feel free to visit the PSU webpage ( or asking for assistant from OIT (Office of Internet and Technology) or other people who have experiences with D2L.
  • printing: where are the printers, how to scan, how do I check my progression towards the printing limit….