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10 Things I Wished I had Known When I Started ETM

So what are some basic things you need to get started in ETM? Here is a good guide for new students.



Group Project Survival Guides


If you are writing software for a independent project, group project or your research group - we have a series of guides to assist you in getting started.

Directions on how to install and use R, RStudio & other software.


Information On ETM

Information on classes, advising, and resources for TA's & GA's.

ETM Academic

Portland Survival Guide

A section for Portland survival information: Portland Survival

How to Contribute

Any ETM student (full-time, part-time, M.S., PhD, certificate) is welcome to contribute & edit this wiki. It is a resource by students for students. Share something you have learned about ETM, about Portland State, about Portland.

To get edit permissions to the website, send a email asking for permission to one of the student wiki administrators and make sure you include your engineering UserID.

Guidelines for Posting

No edits by facility or staff - this is a web site by students for students.

Write for a general ETM audience - do not assume they know everything about Portland or ETM. Avoid using contractions, slang and abbreviations.

Suggestion Box

Here is a list of ideas for topics to be added to the Wiki Idea List

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