Group members:
  • Robert Flory
  • Trevor Conant
  • Aziz Almesned
  • Omar Saadoun


Many models of bicycle front dynamo hub are available. Commercially available lighting systems which make use of the generated power often do not meet the needs of commuter cyclists.

Project description:
A dynamo hub powered LED lighting system with bright front and rear lights. The system will continue to provide bright light for several minutes when the bicycle is stopped and the dynamo is not producing power. The user will be able to control the brightness of the lights and select between steady and flashing modes.

Project details:
Rectified dynamo power will be used to charge a rechargeable battery. The battery will power the microcontroller and will power the lights when the dynamo is not running or is running too slowly to provide bright light. The microcontroller will switch the power source. Brightness levels will be achieved using PWM from the microcontroller.

Latest Schematic: https://projects.cecs.pdx.edu/attachments/download/6693/ece411%20T16.sch

Latest Board layout: https://projects.cecs.pdx.edu/attachments/download/6692/ece411%20T16.brd

Latest ATMega code: https://projects.cecs.pdx.edu/attachments/download/6688/t16.c


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