11-26-2012 meeting

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Will be short as we are all zombies.

Joe: Has a binary that meets the PDR specification, will continue to make small improvements over the week but its essentially done.
SNMP works.
DHT22 driver re-written and works.
main program written and runs for days at a time. Will run it this week to test longevity.
Other improvements are window dressing at this point, and will have to wait.
Will use one of the development boards as the programmer for the prototypes once they are built.
This program needs to be written on Friday.

Noah: Wrote last weeks test plan documents and PDR revision.
This week will work with Chris to assemble and test one of the boards we got today in preparation for the rest of them.

Chris: Will work with Noah assembling and testing the board.

Ashley: Will help Noah and Chris.

11-19-2012 meeting

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Joe: Been trying to juggle other course work and responsibilities.

  1. Finish debugging DHT22 # Finish the snmp implementation # Write the actual program and compile the final binary to be loaded into the device when we get the boards back from Sunstone on the 22nd. # Figure out how to get each microcontroller's MAC address so that we can register them on the network.

Ashley: Added slides to the project presentation we will need to present the device to Faust.

Chris: Continued working on the driver characterization we will need for the photodiode and microphone circuits. Done with the enclosure until we actually get the prototype boards.

Noah: Absent for meeting. Ensured Homework 5 was completed on time for the group. Requested that the thermoprofiles of the devices be looked up to ensure that the reflow step during assembly will go smoothly and not damage devices. Added a power mosfet for the DHT22 so that the microcontroller can effectively "reset" the DHT22. Joe or Chris will have to write the functionality into the driver for this.

11-17-2012 meeting

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Working meeting: Did development on the UML state diagrams required for the homework.

Joe: plugged the DHT22 into a scope and discovered that its possible the pull up resistor is too strong. More debugging on Monday.

11-9-2012 meeting

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Joe: Finally, FINALLY got the SNMP code to compile. He had to use a bullshit hack, but it works. Debugging and testing will commence this weekend, followed by HTTPServer integration and main program writing. DHT22 debugging will also have to commence. Will know more about where things will sit on Monday as far as software goes.

Noah: Putting together the level 0 and level 1 block diagrams for Wednesday. He will handle them in their entirety to free people up from those responsibilities. Someone else should do the second part of the assignment using a UML description. Reminder to go to the EPL on Monday and make the solder masks. Needs to put pressure on Andrew for getting the boards back.

Chris: Doing awesome things with Solidworks and the enclosure. Finalizing the design of the enclosure and putting the finishing touches on the enclosure. Began characterizing the devices we created and the drivers for them. Should be done by Sunday evening. Began looking into the problems with the DHT22, didn't get very far but saw the same issues Joe did.

Ashley: Wrote a webpage for the HTTPServer implementation we are going to use. Began looking at the presentation material we have to generate. Making brownies.

11-5-12 meeting

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Chris: Showed us the two 3D-printed designs. One is a 1-1/4" tall wavy "bacon" rectangular form-factor. The other is round. The round has been vetoed due to the impossibility of the RJ45 jack protruding from the enclosure. The 1-1/4" tall wavy bacon form-factor fits the standard rack size height for mounting in the server rack. Need to get dimensions for holes for microphone, light sensor, DHT22, power jack. Grating for microphone might work.

Joe: Spent Saturday writing 300 lines of code for SNMP implementation. Not compiling yet, working on a single error (bummer!). Working on smoothing that out.

Noah: Finishing up board, getting a round of applause from class. Working on small number of errors brought up in class by Andrew.

Ashley: Got BACON webpage working in HTML, now to format to add to homepage.h file from mbed site ( Going to start creating project presentation slideshow.


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Joe: Met with Dave Burns and worked through the snmp implementation provided by the mbed people. He thinks he has a decent idea of what he needs to implement. Hopefully, he won't forget about it. Will work on having an implementation hopefully complete by next week.

Showed the Weatherstation program for the HTTPServer.h implementation we can likely use.

Ashley: Is going to help make the webpage, will work with Noah on the layout, and will finalize the timeline stuff for the next homework this weekend.

Noah: Gonna hopefully finish the layout with Ashley. Will print off a scale representation of the board and place all of the parts to make sure the footprints match, then will develop an assembly plan so that we can bring up the board in sections to test each section as we bring it up.

Earlier this week added a schematic with annotations and comments to the wiki so people can access it and make comments. Also, we need to put our WPRs on the wiki.

Chris: Will be finishing up the Solidworks design for the enclosures this weekend and will begin work characterizing the microphone and photodiode sensor circuits for the device driver code.

10-26-2012 meeting

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In attendance: Noah, Chris, Ashley, Joe.

Chris: Has solidworks models for the enclosure, 3 models, a cone-shaped one, a square one, and a wavy-bacon looking one. Which is awesome. Will upload images and files later. AND WILL ADD THEM TO THE REPOSITORY.

Also, programming tasks have been divided between Joe and Chris, Chris will work on sensor drivers and main program while Joe figures out SNMP and HTTP implementations for the program.

Ashley: Has all of the tasks the group is doing and will draw up the project timeline documentation we need for Wednesday. Others should download Microsoft Projects to help her look it over.

Noah: Layout like a boss.

Joe: Will research SNMP so that he knows what he's doing then will implement it, since it is a higher priority for the client, then will look into porting an existing HTTPServer implementation over to the code base and design a website for it to serve.

10-22-2012 meeting

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Some take aways from our meeting today were that the software development team will be working intermittently, until board layout is finished. Then full progress will begin to finalize ethernet and the other sensing units.

The schematic is 95% done and will be completely finished and ready for design review tonight or tomorrow. Everyone should take a peek at the schematic when they get a chance to finish review.

Board layout team and overall enclosure group will be meeting on sat at 12 to finalize important details. There should be a couple variations of the enclosure at this point ready for perusal.

10-19-2012 meeting

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Cancelled due to lack of warm bodies on campus.

I just had to eat my cookies by myself.

Issues that were going to be spoken about:
Schematic that was due on Monday.
Wall-wart and possible power solution.
The last homework and the need to clearly figure out what the homework is before the due date.
The next homework, because seriously, we should not be scrambling to do these things.


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