Team Meeting 11-27

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-Received boards from Sunstone
-Richard showed prototype he built over the weekend with the base level code running on it
-Richard and punya are going to assemble one board tonight to test it and make sure it is working
-Decided to meet at 10am on Saturday to assemble the rest of boards and work on presentation
-Decided the date for our presentation for the rest of the class, we are doing Thursday Dec 6th at 4:30

Team Meeting 11-20

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Talked about testing
Yousef and Kareem are doing first draft of testing, they will send that Friday

Put together BOM as a team
Richard will email last part numbers to Punya tonight
Punya is going to Order Parts

Layout was submitted

Richard is going to add software requirements to PDS
Richard is going to work on getting the Prototype functioning

Richard and Punya are gonna meet and prototype this weekend
Dec 1st and 2nd we are going to meet and do everything
Team meeting next Tuesday @ 5pm

Team 11-14

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-Richard Emailed Andrew with his Sunstone account he set up, and will handle any new instructions
-Punya has basic test code with working temperature sensor and LCD done
-Richard has full prototype board soldered together, he is going to put Punya's code on it soon and verify everything works
-Richard has the Level-0 and Level-1 diagrams/descriptions done
-Yousef is going to work on work on the second part of the assignment about describing the UML views and email the list Fri/Sat
-Next meeting is next Tuesday 11/20 at 5pm

Team Meeting 11-6

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-Richard worked on Layout and met with Andrew to verify it was being done correctly
-Team approves current layout
-Richard needs help with the temp sensor
--Team is meeting tomorrow 10-7 at 8pm in the capstone lab to work together on that
-Discussed connectors for header, Punya has parts at home that will work
-Punya is going to do a rough UML start and email the list soon, we will all edit it from there
-Richard is going to get subversion figured out for the Schematic, we need to follow this strictly for the code

Team Meeting 10-26

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-Went over with team basic outline of our schedule
-Punya is going to put together a rough draft and email the list and we can all edit
-Richard is going to update all of the meeting notes to the wiki

Team Meeting 10-23

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-Short meeting, need to finalize schematic
-All team members worked together to outline the parts needed
-Found MSP outline from Newarks website for our eagle layout
-We will meet on 10-26 to dicuss schedule assignment

Team Meeting 10-16

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-Richard and Punya need to get the basic schematic out to Kareem and Yousef so they can start on eagle
-Punya is looking into Solid State Relays after talking with Andrew about safety
-Next meeting is 10-23 at 5pm
-Punya has basic LCD test code working on the MSP already

Parts Order 10-9

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10/9 Punaj is buying 2x LCD's and 2x Temp sensors from total cost is $74.62


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