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Project Overview

For our ECE 411 practicum project fall term 2012 we need to design something that meets some specific criteria but otherwise is open creatively. Outside of the criteria, we would like to develop a better understanding of the process or steps in which a product goes through before it reaches the shelf or can be purchased by the consumer. This will help facilitate successful completion of our Capstone Project, and provide answers to possible interview questions following graduation. This project will also build on our knowledge of Electrical and Computer Engineering and aid in getting hired despite our lack of industry experience.

Project (client) Requirements

Your project can do almost anything but must satisfy the following course requirements:

Have one or more inputs or sensors.

Have one or more outputs or transducers.

Have one or more processing modules which control some of the outputs based on the inputs.

Use a two layer PCB that is between 1 and 16 in2, with no side of the board being less than 1 inch or more than 12 inches.

Use components that can be hand soldered or easily soldered in a crude reflow oven.

Project Choice

Our Project choice was a light up flying disc whose color patterns depends on internal stimuli from inertial sensors.

Project (Team) Requirements

The disk must still be able to sustain flight after assembly. Rotational inertia should be minimally effected. The device must operate in damp conditions. The device must be able to be submersed in up to 10M for up to 60 seconds and still be operational. The device must be able to withstand sustained shocks. Batteries must be replaceable.


The device must be void of sharp edges that could cut or slice soft tissue at the touch. All electronics must be fully sheathed and covered to protect against burns.

Operating Environment

The device will be used in an outdoor environment and must be able to withstand temperatures ranging between 0 and 55 degrees Celsius (32 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit). The device must be able to withstand surface water and should be able to be immersed in water to a depth of 10 meters for no longer than 60 seconds without damaging any electrical components.