Super 8 magic 8 ball

Project description:

The super 8 was created to put a modern spin on the classic children's toy "Magic 8 Ball". The classic
version, enjoyed by many for the last fifty years, used a twenty sided die, inscribed with variations of yes and
no answers, to demystify the future. Okay, maybe not. However, it was a fun novelty. The Super 8 will carry many
of the same aesthetics as the original, but be gutted and replaced with a digital system. The Super 8 will use
an accelerometer to recognize the familiar feel of shaking the 8 ball, and use an LCD, in place of the inscribed
die, to display the fortunes of the future, so long as details are not required.

List of parts:

Here is a list of parts that we used so far on our 8 ball project.

LCD Display: Nokia 5110/3310 monochrome LCD + extras
Cost $10

Accelerometer: ADXL345 - Triple-Axis Accelerometer (+-2g/4g/8g/16g) w/ I2C/SPI
Cost $19.95

Microcontroler: ATMEGA328P-AU

8 ball container Magic 8 ball

AVR debugger: - Used to program microcontroller


Project Design Specifications

Project Schedule

System models

Main Board Schematic

Main Board PCB Layout

Test Plan

Prototype Presentation

We have concluded our prototype 8 ball on the bread board.
we have completed testing on the following.
- accelerometer
- display
- power