10.18.2013 Minutes

  • Meeting called to order by Joe
  • Jay and Willie are testing the gun currently
  • New Nerf gun progress report (Jay).
  • Mechanical and electrical specs of gun.
  • Gun is fully motorized, full electrical firing mechanism.
  • Initial firing causes current surge up to ~4A, sustained firing is current ~1.345A
  • Jay has ordered a Lazy-Susan to which gun and PCB can be mounted, .
  • Wiki progress report (Joe).
  • Progress shown, group asked to format everything as has been done so far.
  • Micro-controller research progress report (Jon)
  • Arduino chips are $5-$6
  • Documentation on how to build a board is available, looks like it may be overly-featured for our needs.
  • Researched other microcontrollers, Arduino seems to be best for our needs.
  • We all looked at sample board layout specs for Arduino, need to get chip documentation.
  • Black-box diagram progress report (Willie)
  • Willie drew us a diagram on the board (see attached) of what he's thinking of for our project. Ratified by group.
  • Rough layout of Project Design Specification (due 10/23)
  • File will be uploaded
  • Created to do list:
  • Research Eagle Cad (Jay, Willie)
  • Research Arduino Programming (Jon, Joe)
  • Continue wiki fill-in (Joe, everybody)
  • Research Wiring and Mounting (Jay)
  • Research Power Supply and BJT (Willie)

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