Blank Fired Laser Device (BFLD)

The Blank Fired Laser Device (BFLD) is a blank-fire actuated laser-based training device that attaches to the MIL-STD-1913 rail. It will be attached to a rifle that is outfitted with a Blank Fire Adaptor and loaded only with blanks. The firing of an individual blank round will activate the laser.

Team Members

Jordan Fluth
Nauvin Ghorashian
Scott Lawson

Team Documentation


source:BFLD Test Plan.docx
source:BFLD Project Schedule.mpp

Weekly Progress Reports


BFLD Firmware.

Test code for ATTiny24/44/84 microcontroller. Forces LEDs to reflect voltage placed on Test Point 1.

Test code for ATTiny24/44/84 microcontroller. Demonstrates ADC in free-running mode.

Test code for the ATTiny24/44/84 microcontroller. Toggles an LED when an attached button is pressed.

3D Printer Files

Project Box

Box Lid

Lock block for rail attachment


Laser Evaluation Results

Third Party Documentation


ATTiny84 Microcontroller
ATTiny84 Microcontroller Condensed Version
ADXL193 Accelerometer


AVRISP MKII In System Programmer User Guide
ADXL193 Accelerometer Schematic

Miscellaneous Information

Potential Testing Sites

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office (82nd Avenue Clackamas, near Clackamas Town Center)
(503) 794-8065
We have a tentative yes for testing here. We would be placed on the police-side range rather than the public range, so we would have to be there when it is not in use, which would likely fall between a Tuesday and Friday. Bring own ammo, still responsible for lane charge - $16.00 at most, contact said he would try to reduce that for us if we can since it's a school project. Indoor ranges, no weather concerns. Must schedule ahead of time.
Contact: Fred Lee (503) 794-8065

Threat Dynamics (Tualatin, near McDonald's)
(503) 692-2992
Definite yes here. Range is expensive though: $20.00 per hour, plus $5.00 for bringing own ammo. If the place is busy, additional charges apply after the first hour. No discount for student project. Indoor range, no weather concerns.

Decommissioned Rock Quarry (Highway 224 Clackamas County here)
Scott has shot here recreationally before. It would be a good free candidate. About a 40 minute drive from Lake Oswego area. Outdoors, so a canopy would be needed for rain protection. Directions from PSU here


Technical Information

AVR Studio 6

This software package is the IDE provided by Atmel for their 8-bit microcontrollers. It will be used with the AVRISP MKII programmer to program our microcontrollers. The IDE includes a simulation environment as well.

Background Information

Wikipedia Entry for MILES Gear

MILES gear was the inspiration for this project.

Wikipedia Entry for Blank Firing Adaptors

The BFA is a device that allows semi-auto blowback operated rifles to cycle blank ammunition.

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