Developer Notes



Follow these steps to configure git over ssh:

  1. If you don't already have an ssh key, create one
  2. Add your public key to Redmine:
    1. Go to "My Account"
    2. At the right of the the blue bar, click "Public keys"
    3. Click "new value"
    4. Pick a title, and copy/paste the contents of the ~/.ssh/ file into the "Key" box
    5. Click "Create"
  3. Now try git clone You should only be prompted for your key's passphrase.


  • Emulator] PANIC: Could not open: C:\Users\Ian\.android - Ran into this issue where my Eclipse workspace was in a non C: location, and then I used the AVD manager to create a virtual device. It created it in E:\.android. I ended up creating a symbolic link (as mentioned by the last comment in this URL).
  • Android SDK: for Eclipse API levels actually correspond to the major Android versions (2.1, 3.0, 4.0). Needless to say, different versions have (sometimes major) differences from one another. One example difference is whether or not the application is allowed to do networking calls (e.g. a web-service call to S3 or DropBox) in its "main" thread. I initially chose the "latest" API level (15) which corresponds to Android 4.0.3, which does not support this (as of Android 3.0 (API Level 11)).
  • Android SDK:There is a difference between AWS Java SDK and AWS Android SDK. After installing AWS Java SDK and the Android SDK I wasted a decent amount of time trying to figure out why they wouldn't work together. This issue was finally resolved by swapping AWS Java SDK for AWS Android SDK.... same classes, methods, etc.... different implementation.