Meeting Week 10

  • Pre-presentation meeting
    • Iteration review
      • Last meeting: planned presentation, Stuart changed everything
      • Adapter stubs and supporting classes checked in (most of the S3 implementation checked in)
      • Front-end: very Android-specific, research is in good shape
      • Planning meeting for coordination
    • Iteration planning
      • Jesse: finish S3, work on Dropbox or other
      • J/I/G: meet
      • Ian: Photo capture
      • Ben: More backlog, including UI for configuration
    • Presentation
      • Flow, slide talkers
    • Actions
      • Ben: reconstruct W9 iteration, close 8/9
      • Ben: fix versions and scheduling for end of course (2 more weeks)
  • Class meeting
    • Submit deliverables by Sunday
    • Next class meeting in April
      • Same schedule: 7pm April 5
    • Send email / redmine task for 551 final report review