Meeting Week 2

Goals for next week:
  • Process definition v0.1
    • describe how we came to it; constraints, expectations
    • Constraint: time (18 weeks)
    • Constraint: leave documentation artifacts behind once completed
  • Initial project plan:
    • What's delivered by end of this term
    • How we're going to get there
  • ConOps
  • Craig: modify process doc from 551
  • Craig: set up google docs folder with edit permissions
  • Ben: redmine issues system for backlog
General notes:
  • Google Docs for editing, final copies in Redmine documents area
  • Will need product line document (comm. analysis, others?)
  • Document collaboration process:
    • Document for review: send email to the others
    • Reviewing: use comment system if necessary
    • Use changelog comments
  • Keep Thursday night as meeting night, after class
    • Google+ hangouts work well for this