Meeting Week 2.1

  • Class meetings will be sparce but we agreed to meet as a team regularly on Thursday's at 8:00 PM
    • Meetings will consist of
      • quick standup
      • Demo any working code
      • Restrospective (review any changes needed to process)
      • Iteration planning for next sprint
  • This Term:
    • Emphasis on implementation and testing/QA
    • Need to document Software Test Plan (STP) to describe the QA process not the testcases
    • Ben - can we define acceptance critieria as part of each user story as a light weight way of documenting tests?
    • Define build process
  • Dev team will have a FTF on Sunday to review architecture, design...
    • Need to review and finalize CA/Architecture documents and send to Stuart for review by next Thrs
  • Actions
    • Craig: create inital STP