Meeting Week 2.2

  • Standup
    • Comm. analysis done, ready for review
    • Framework/technology review
    • S3 backend on desktop
  • Demo (N/A)
  • Retro
  • Planning: next iteration
    • Approve comm. analysis by Saturday (all)
    • Ian: Camera front-end, native camera control, shunt data somewhere
    • Gabriel: PoC of frameworks, review with dev team, demo next week
    • Jesse: polish/test S3 on Android
    • Jesse: submit comm. analysis to Stuart (Sunday)
    • Ben: catch up with redmine, specify acceptance criteria
    • Craig: SW test plan/procedure, very general, plan on Stuart review
  • Planning: future
    • Connecting pieces together, week 2.3 or 2.4
    • Stuart review of arch. document? Discuss next week
    • 1st member for mid-term review
    • Dev mtg, tentative next weekend (4/21)
    • May want to shoot for week 2.9 for final deliverables (Stuart out of country)