Upcoming week:
  • everyone review and approve (in approval block section) the test plan doc
  • once its reviewed and approved by everyone, sent to stuart for review.
  • craig will go through developer notes section wiki and get dev environment setup
  • team should collectively clean issues list in the next week, craig will help build backlog in redmine based on info from dev team
  • need to layout roadmap for rest of term
  • should meet with Ben to talk about rest of term plan
  • ian will focus on UI cleanup
  • gabe will continue work on family member factory
  • jesse will lead backlog document creation and handover to craig
  • next week will fit get into process of reviewing issues and backlog to drive activities going forward.

1) demo the actual code (image capture --> S3) in Android Emulator.
2) show off seeds of family member generation (e.g. build options); configuring storage providers at build time
3) show architectural diagram Gabe created that shows plan for family member generation