Meeting Week 6

Class meeting

  • Structure of presentations
    • Semi-formal, slides optional
    • Walk-through of Redmine site would be beneficial

Team meeting

  • General notes
    • Need to choose delivery dates
      • v1: end of term 555
      • v2: mid-term 556
      • v3: end of term 556
    • Need to size the backlog?
    • Vacations
      • Ben: all next week (may be available, will know more Sunday)
      • Gabriel: 2/25-3/11
  • Iteration review
    • Existing documents need review (everyone, by Sunday)
      • Craig: good comments from Stuart. Set up ballpark deliverable systems.
    • Submit docs to Stuart (Authors, by Monday night; choose an appropriate role for him to play)
    • Back-end comm. analysis (Jesse)
      • Complete
    • Bounds of commonality. List back-end services that are covered. (Jesse)
      • Complete
    • Front-end comm. analysis (Ian)
      • Unknown (Ian isn't here)
    • Review/assist comm. analysis docs (Gabriel)
      • Great progress
    • Controller arch. (Gabriel)
      • Informal drafts
    • System generation/tools (Gabriel)
    • Finish vision document (stop generating new concrete examples), examples of what won't be included (Ben)
    • Update vision doc with excluded examples (Ben)
  • Iteration planning
    • Architecture
    • Presentation
      • Product family
      • Comm. analysis driving arch.
      • No live demo. Focus on plan.
      • Dev process, how we use Redmine
      • Roles:
        • Ben: MC (if available)
        • Others: talk about the part you wrote (< 5 min, one or two slides)
      • Structure:
        • Vision, family
        • Commonalities/Variabilities, talk about how architecture will be affected
        • Process (Redmine tour?) Backlog/versions
        • Next steps, deliverables. Where we go from here
  • Actions
    • Ben: create google presentation
    • Ben: create tasks for content (due Tuesday)
    • Jesse: Check with Ian on front-end analysis
    • Gabriel: create arch. diagram (Sunday pm)
    • Ben: email Stuart about scheduling
    • Ben: email about rehearsal wed night