Meeting Week 8

  • Last Iteration (w7)
    • Architecture
      • Plan: module guide first, stub interfaces
      • Module guide is looking good
      • Architecture is complete enough (need to stop somewhere)
      • Jesse checked in storage-adapter stubs
      • Suggestion: update module guide every other sprint
    • Product planning
      • Added issues for next iteration, need feedback for appropriate size
  • Next iteration (w8)
    • Ian: image capture investigation, some implementation
    • Jesse:
    • Gabriel: (on vacation)
    • Polish/finish documents (TODOs, ready for review of some sort)
  • Actions
    • Ben: update wiki with links to roadmap
    • Ben: ask Stuart for clarification on end-of-term presentations
    • Ben: what would be good content for presentations?
      • Screenshot mockup, use as feature definition/story
      • Progress update
  • Other notes
    • Admin roles may transition to technical, or doubling up later
    • Family members: configured through Maven
      • Idea for final presentation: make a new build live