Product Vision

Initial product is a streamlined photo-to-dropbox application. On the first launch, the app directs the user to the settings page to configure dropbox credentials.

This is the common-usage flow:
  1. Launch app. This brings up a camera-control view.
  2. Press the "capture" button. This displays the captured photo with "retake" and "use" buttons. "Retake" goes back to step 1.
  3. "Use" queues the photo for upload to dropbox and sends the user back to the camera capture view. Upload happens in the background.

This flow suggests a family definition with the following breakdown. Steps in bold are used for the initial app.

  • Capturing
    • Image
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Barcode decoding
  • UI
    • Accounts
      • Single account
      • Multiple accounts (visible switcher)
    • Workflow steps:
      • Initial capture
      • Region tagging (a la Facebook)
      • Temporal annotations (a la Youtube)
      • Confirmation
      • Enter caption
      • Endpoint: Open result in browser
      • Endpoint: back to capture step
      • Endpoint: quit
  • Cloud drivers (all of these would need configuration UI)
    • Post to:
      • Local filesystem (SD-Card)
      • Dropbox
      • S3
      • Nirvanix
      • Flickr
      • Facebook
      • Twitpic
      • Google+
      • Imgur
      • Tumblr
      • Wordpress
      • Youtube
      • Vimeo
      • ...
    • Also post a link to:
      • Reddit
      • Digg
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Google+
      • ...

Here are a few things this family won't be doing:

  • Making calendar appointments
  • Browsing Dropbox folders
  • Constructing a slideshow
  • Acting as a remote for a presentation
  • Acting as an HTTP server
  • Displaying book content
  • Shopping for curtains
  • Managing personal finances
  • Double-entry accounting