Gearing up for design phase

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This has been an exciting week. To many people's surprises, including my own, the arm moved on it's own. Furthermore we now have direct access to the motors and a plan in motion to built our own hardware & software around the stock CPCs( circular pin connectors) which drive and collect feedback from the arm. Unfortunately the stock controller doesn't seem to be functioning properly which doesn't change the long term plans or goal of this project( just makes it less convenient). Hopefully, we'll be able to get some labeled pictures and more documents up this weekend.

other news:

- datasheets for the motors are up. (UGRMEM04- & UGSMAM-22-DS31)
- a sketch has been done for the PWM amplifiers but no documents yet( maybe another week).

Welcome to the DRAN Arm Project

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Nearly 10 years ago, two industrial robots (Sieko RT-3000 and RT-3200) were donated to Maseeh College of Engineering's Mechanical engineering department. When the Mechanical engineering department couldn't decide what to use them for, they ended up in the basement of the fourth avenue building for nearly a decade. In the last few months there's been a growing interest in getting the arms in working order for robotic research. This Project will outline and maintain a proposal for operating the arms in a safe environment, while also updating and rebuilding the controller so that the arm can be programmed using a modern operating system on a standard 120VAC supply. A tertiary goal of this project is to keep the project as transparent as possible while still maintaining the high standards of the Maseeh Collage of Engineering.

Current Project Manager,
Tyler Tricker

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