Newest Einstein Update

Added by Anonymous over 8 years ago

Einstein is slowly being integrated into the Robot Theatre. Also, Nathen has used a picaxe microcontroller in conjunction with a motion detector to make Einstein wave as a person walks by the robotics lab. New photos and program will be uploaded soon. The program is not related to the openCV program, however, eventually the idea is to merge his OpenCV program back, but due to Nathen's laptop being stolen last summer, the reconstruction of Einstein's program has been slow.

Android Application for Einstein

Added by Anonymous over 9 years ago

We developed an android application that sends bluetooth commands to Einstein. the application allow user to set the maximum speed that Einstein should reach. also the application will allow users to use buttons to stop or move Einstein right, left, back, forward, but Einstein will not obey if command cannot be accomplished due to obstacles around, Einstein is smart isn;t he?

voice commands recognized are:
  • move forward
  • move back
  • move right
  • move left

the program is still under test

here is a snapshot of the application


    Also available in: Atom