Controlling PeopleBot using DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) Pad (1 comment)

Added by Anonymous over 9 years ago

DDR pad was hacked and used to control PeopleBot.

This hack involved using the wires from the contact sensors of the pad and an Arduino to check for contact. This info was then transmitted to a PC through the serial port. This info was then relayed to the PeopleBot, which was configured in joystick mode.

Controlling PeopleBot using MRPT

Added by Anonymous over 9 years ago

Originally PeopleBot was intended to use Adept Mobile Robot toolkit called "ARIA" []. Now the project is migrated to MRPT (Mobile Robot Programming toolkit)[].
MRPT offers superior tools and more refine wrapper for robot control and is c++ based. The feature list include

1. SLAM toolkit
2. Support for active media robot bases
3. Kinect support
4. Google Maps integration
5. Other lower level functions


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