Fall 2011: The GuideBot Project (lots still in development)

Please see the GuideBot Final Report and Documentation on the Documents page under Helpful Files Fall 2011.

  • Integrated Zotac MiniATA Motherboard running Ubuntu Linux
  • Integrated Display and Keyboard as part of Robot Structure
  • Implemented Route-finding
  • Added Pocket Sphinx Speech Recognition
  • Began integrating Kinect for Navigation and Video input
  • Added Natural Language Processing Package (in development)
  • Added Interface to PAVE site with XML parsing and video streaming

Winter 2011

Fall 2010

  • Bruno brought the bot back to life and dealt with system programming.
  • Rashmi integrated Program D (ALICE) for natural language processing.
  • Sree Ram integrated vision and speech interface using OpenCV and CMU Sphinx
  • Rudimentary AI was developed (Fuzzy Logic)


Fall 2011 Development Team

  • Jim Larson (Project Leader)
  • Jules Alfani
  • Robert Fiszer
  • Mike Lowe
  • Hamed Mirlohi

Current Development Team (2011)

  • Bruno Zbinden
  • Sree Ram Kumar

Previous Members

  • Rashmi Dubey (2010)
  • Joey Geraci (2010)