Saturday Meeting 5/18/13

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Saturday 5/18/13: noon - 2:30pm (2.5hr)
Attendee: Mathias Sunardi, Vinay VKL

Issue #1: motherboard won't power up from battery. There's a light blinking on the M3-ATX-HV board. not sure why. we proceeded using an external power supply.

Issue #2: intermittent operation of mega and roboclaw.
Occasionally mega would throw garbage data (can be observed from Arduino IDE Serial Monitor). Fix: unplug and replug the signal lines to the roboclaw from the Mega.

Issue #3: Roboclaw won't turn on (completely), from battery, or with charger plugged in. Fix: wait a few minutes and try again.

Issue #4: Sometimes the InteractiveKinect program will complain about RXTX fch_lock() error where ttyACM0 file exists (and can't delete it). Manual fix: delete the ttyACM0 lock file in /var/lock. If everything works correctly, the system should delete the ACM file automatically when the program quits.

Issue #5: Only sonar #12 is responding, (i.e. Mega only reacts based on input from sonar #12, and not from other sonars)

Exporting the InteractiveKinect program - successful. Notes:
Must use Processing 2.0 - Exporting SimpleOpenNI programs don't work under 1.5.1
Exporting creates application.linux32 and application.linux64 folders. Initially won't run because it couldn't find the .mp3 file (it was defined at the same directory level as the .pde file) Moved .mp3 file to home/mcecsbot/Music

Run the kinect program from startup - successful.
Issue: the program immediately launches the kinect program, i.e. the robot starts moving immediately depending on the detected hand or Random Walk. Need to create an initialization program that checks everything FIRST, then enable the kinect and other programs.

Stopping the program:
The wheels won't stop when the kinect program is closed. Find a way to stop everything when the program quits.

Wall following:
In the Mega, program the wall following mode,
In the wall following mode, 'fool' the Uno to give the side sonar readings instead of the actual direction the robot is going.
In the current program, the Mega is giving the Uno the direction the robot is going, and the Uno only activates the sonar in that direction.
For the Wall Following, we should cheat by 'fooling' the Uno - for example: the robot is moving forward, but the Mega would tell the Uno that it's turning left, so the Uno will activate the left sonars.
Make smarter wall following:
when initially going into Wall Following mode, have the Uno poll the sonar from both sides. If one side doesn't detect any obstacle, then the wall is on the other side, and so for the rest of the wall following mode, only poll from that direction.


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