Daimler Truck North America (Freightliner) Test Vehicle EE Tracking System


Develop a web based tracking system to catalogue incremental changes, updates, and issues for functional test
vehicles. Should include all production level and prototype changes to vehicle electrical and electronic
components and software. Many of these EE components (up to 20/ vehicle) communicate with each other and
identify themselves on the Contoller Area Network (CAN). Other components do not have this capability.
System should be as automated as possible and have the ability to automatically petition the vehicles (over
wifi?) for components on the CAN, and have manual input of components and information not on CAN.


The commercial vehicle business requires the availability of highly diverse and customizable products. As
such a near infinite number of configurations are possible for customer order. To provide adequate validation
coverage the electric and electronic hardware and software configuration of test vehicles are constantly being
changed to suit the needs of the particular test being conducted. The vehicle specifications are rarely if ever
updated to include these changes as they often contain prototype designs with no drawings or installation
guidelines. To mitigate this problem, a central application is required to document vehicle changes as
completely as possible and provide easily accessible information regarding the current state of available test
vehicles via on line database


This project requires the team to:
  • Understand and characterize the needs the system will be aimed at providing.
  • Interface with the current production system to include all initial vehicle specification information when
    a vehicle is first built. Must allow for production built vehicles as well as prototype builds.
  • Interface with the Product Validation engineering contact for project direction.
  • Work with the Information Technology department to ensure appropriate controls for information
    security and visibility throughout the organization.
  • Work with the Product Validation Portal development team and IT to develop and implement the
    necessary server to store and host vehicle information gathered.
  • Propose and develop a hardware system to automate software update reporting as feasible using the
    vehicles Controller Area Network. Should implement some form of remote communication (wireless,
    GSM, etc) to manage the updates. Will need CAN interface that can probably be adapted from existing
    available components.

Major Skills Required:

  • Web development skills
  • Software coding and debugging
  • CAN protocol and hardware skills
  • Analog Engineering Skills

Additional Considerations

Due to the prototype status of the vehicles and components being tracked, a NDA with Daimler Trucks North
America LLC is required.

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