Distributed Monitoring & Mining

1 Overview

1.1 Purpose

Current collaboration tools such as Assembla and Redmine provide a number of capabilities for assisting distributed teams in communication, collaboration, and project management. Some examples of these capabilities are:

  • Source control repository hosting.
  • Communication and collaboration tools such as wikis, news feeds, and messaging systems.
  • Task and issue tracking.
  • Shared document hosting.
  • Project management tools such as activity reports and key metric gathering and tracking.

Current collaboration software allows for gathering and reporting on a plethora of metrics. Where these tools come up short are on methods for analyzing those metrics and automatically alerting stakeholders to signs of trouble based on historical project performance. The purpose of the Distributed Development Monitoring/Mining tool will be to augment current collaboration tools in order to address this shortcoming. It will do this by collecting and modeling historical project data to predict, in real time, the health of an in-progress project and to alert the project stakeholders when signs of trouble are detected.

1.2 Goals and Objectives

The project will be considered a success if the following goals and objectives are met.
  • Development of an application framework capable of retrieving and processing key metric data from Assembla and identifying patterns that may be used to predict the likelihood of success
    or failure of a project at any stage in its development.
  • Publication of documentation intended to be used by future teams to extend the framework and/or application. This documentation will provide the following:
    • Existing characteristics, interfaces and modules of the framework/application.
    • Utilization instructions for the interfaces and module.
    • Guidance on future scope and research.
  • The project is completed, documented and deployed no later than June 10, 2013.

2 Team Members

  • Tom Mooney [Software Architect]
  • Shail Shimpi [Requirements Engineer]
  • Ahmed Osman [QA Manager/Test Engineer]
  • Isaac Pendergrass [Project Manager]

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